Anti-Vehicle Mine

Anti-Vehicle Mine

The Anti-Vehicle Mine behaves similarly to the proximity mine, but generates a high intensity plasma ball which is capable of quickly burning its way through even the thickest of armor. Its effect is short-ranged though, and the mine fails to detonate when repulsorlift vehicles hover over it. To deal with hovering craft, therefore, you have to either physically attach the mine to the vehicle and wait for it to start moving, or attach the mine to something elevated, such as a crate or flight of stairs.
  • Effective against tracked and legged vehicles, less so against repulsorlift craft.
  • Used by Heavy Weapons Specialists
  • Players can disarm and pick their own (and only their own) mines up for redeployment by hitting the Pickup Kit key (default key 'G').
  • Important: Friendlies near the mine are warned of its presence with a big red 'X', but only if they have the 3D map enabled. All players should therefore enable the 3D map while playing or risk triggering friendly mines.

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