Marksman Remote Droid

Marksman Remote Droid

Once deployed, the Marksman droid will follow the player while actively scanning its surroundings with its medium-range sensors. Keep in mind that they have poor pathfinding, and will destroy themselves by running into walls and other obstructions if you're not careful with where you lead them. Also remember that a trailing droid can easily give your position away to enemies.
48px-Dialog-warning.svgWarning: Be careful not to deploy your droids in confined places, as it can have undesirable effects.
  • Short range UAV
  • Squad Bonus, requires 3 squad members to deploy
  • The player who deployed the droid can pick it up using the Pickup Item key (default G)
  • Used by Rebel Troopers (for the Imperial counterpart, see the MK-4 Droid)

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