Packered Mortar Gun

Packered Mortar Gun


An Alliance soldier in Mos Espa prepares for a suppressing fire mission on the Palace Ruins.

A hand-held mortar used by Heavy Weapons Specialist across the galaxy, the Packered Mortar Gun is a heavy grenade launcher meant to suppress or disperse enemy infantry from a distance, and to take out entrenched enemies that cannot be effectively hit by blaster fire. The weapon can fire several high-explosive bolts in rapid succession, and infantry carries several magazines, which allows them to keep firing for a short duration of time without an ammo source nearby. It is recommended, however, that since mortar infantry will run out of ammunition quickly, they should have a teammate provide them with an ammo box or generator, or fire from near a Gonk droid. Teaming up with one or more additional mortar infantrymen means the ability to take turns firing and reloading, making the bombardment even more unnerving for the enemy. Keep in mind, though, that enemies dislike being bombarded and will want to take out the mortar position, especially if it's being very successful at its task, so be sure to fire from a safe place, have an escape route ready, or be prepared for a firefight.
  • Fires ballistic high-explosive bolts meant to disperse enemy infantry.
  • As of 1.4 (build 1013), the PMG rounds have an arming delay that keeps them from going off before they've travelled five meters. The mortar gun is now fully a support weapon, and can no longer be used effectively in close quarters combat.
  • Used by Imperial and Rebel Heavy Weapons Specialists.

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