Tenloss Disruptor Sniper Rifle

Tenloss Disruptor Sniper Rifle

Outlawed on most worlds, this long-range rifle developed by the Tenloss crime syndicate works by generating a beam consisting of pulses that will rip the target’s molecules apart, basically disintegrating its victim. Even though using considerably more gas than a normal blaster results in a low rate of fire, this weapon is favored by Rebel troopers on sniping missions.
  • Semi-automatic
  • Scoped, especially useful at long range
  • Takes a long time to steady compared to other weapons
  • Has a Stabilizer Function similar to the BF 2142 unlock (simulates holding one's breath)
  • Used by Rebel Troopers (for the Imperial counterpart, see DLT-20a Sniper Rifle)

    Tenloss Disruptor Sniper Rifle lrg

    Alternate view of weapon

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